Giving Shelter Animals a New Voice to Find a New Home

Instant Connection.
Faster Adoption

Our mission is to literally give shelter animals a voice that tells their personal story in a compelling way to increase their chances of finding loving homes faster. One of the significant challenges faced by animal shelters worldwide is the lack of a human connection when someone visits a shelter website and simply sees still photos of dogs & cats and a description. PetEgreet combines whimsical and personalized character voices with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help shelter dogs & cats seemingly come to life to connect with potential adopters on a deeper level.

Personalized Animated Greetings

Our unique technology takes a still photo of an animal up for adoption and transposes a written description of their history to bring their story to life with a personalized videos featuring your choice of different stylized voiceover characters with young or old, American British, French, Spanish, and other endearing accents.  The viewer will see the mouth of the pet move as they tell their story in the first person. They’ll even blink as they speak to add more personality and expression to their delivery. Visit Gallery to see examples.

How PetEGreet Works

PetEGreet is membership-based platform. Pricing is scaled according to the number of pets you want profiled on a monthly basis. As a subscribing member, you will log into our portal, upload a photo of the animal up for adoption along with a written description of the adoptee’s personal story.  Our team will then create the personalized digital greeting within 24 hours which then can be posted on your site.

Limited Time Offer: Free Demo!

Contact us for a free demo.  Send us a photo and description and we’ll create a personalized greeting card for you to feature on your site for free.

 Together, let’s reshape the future of animal adoption and create a world where every shelter pet finds a loving home!

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